Recommended CI Projects Using Downtime Reasons

Recommended CI Projects Using Downtime Reasons

Common Projects You Can Do With Downtime Labeling

Did you know that you can use Amper to track your machine downtime reasons and add valuable insight to your continuous improvement projects? If you're company isn't tracking this data yet, check out

to learn how you can get started.

All project examples in this article will follow this cycle:

  1. Begin downtime labeling to quantify project
  2. Follow a project solving method (ex. PDCA, A3) to uncover solutions
  3. Implement solutions - use your downtime labeling to help justify costly solutions!
  4. Measure the results

Once you start labeling downtime reasons in Amper, you can quantify how much each reason is costing you. This will help you identify which CI projects are worth it based on impact.

Read the below article to help you determine which CI Projects are worth investing in, based on downtime reasons.

How to Prioritize and Execute on your CI Projects

Top Downtime Reasons & Suggested CI Projects to Address the issues

Below are some examples of projects you can do based on your top downtime codes.

Justify More Labor/Increase Labor Efficiency

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • No Operator
  • Running Multiple Machines
  • Need Hire
Show Cause for More Support Equipment

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • Getting Setup Cart
  • Loading the Machine
  • Getting Oil
Restructure Breaks/Lunches and Scheduled Meetings

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • Break/Lunch
  • Meeting
  • Training
Conduct a SMED Event to Reduce Setup Times

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • Getting Setup Cart
  • Setup/Changeover
  • Waiting for quality to approve setup
Reduce Wait Times

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • Waiting on Materials
  • Waiting on Maintenance
  • Waiting on QC
  • Waiting on Supervisor
Create More Effective Maintenance Schedules

Typical Downtime Reasons:

  • Machine Breakdown
  • Waiting on Maintenance
  • PMs