Recommended CI Projects Using Utilization Data

Recommended CI Projects Using Utilization Data

The Importance of Utilization Data

In manufacturing, time is money.

There are costs that a factory must pay, simply to be in business —whether you're making product or not—labor, rent, utilities, raw material, etc.

If you're not offsetting those costs by producing parts to be sold, you're losing it. This is why machine utilization is so important, and in this section we'll outline several projects you can execute to increase utilization. Before you get started, learn how you can use actually use utilization data to justify a project before you put time & money into it.

Use Utilization Data to Justify CI Projects

Common CI Project Ideas Using Utilization Data

Having access to real-time utilization data is essential. In the below section, we've outlined some improvement projects you can implement at your factory by using only utilization data. If your company is labeling downtime, there are even more projects you can execute. Check out

to learn more.

Improve Sales & Make Better Supply Chain Decisions
Make Capex Decisions for New Equipment
Maximize Part Routings
Improve Time to First Part/Time to Last Part
Save on Lights Out Production
Improve Paid Labor Utilization