Downtime Console

Downtime Console

Where is the Downtime Console located in the App?

To view your KPI Dashboard, go to Timelines ➡️ Downtime Console.


What is the Downtime Console?

The Downtime Console empowers manufacturers to take control of their schedule. It is a place in the app where you can easily mass label unlabeled downtime reasons. It's recommended that you have 1 person go through the mass labeling workflow each day to indicate whether or not a machine was scheduled to run the previous day. Some examples of times when you might want to use this feature:

1. Mass labeling all machines as Unscheduled due to a company holiday or vacation 2. Daily use for Dynamic Scheduling to say if a machine was Unscheduled due to no work

How to Use the Downtime Console

Watch 4-minute video 👇