Where are Machine Timelines located in the App?

To view your Machine Timelines, go to Timelines ➡️ Machines.


What are Machine Timelines?

Machine Timelines show you a small glimpse into a machine's utilization on any specific day, shift or machine group.

We recommend you use this tool to answer questions about a specific machine during a certain day & time or to get a quick, high-level overview of what's happening on your shop floor.

How to Filter Machine Timelines

You can filter your Machine Timelines by day, shift and machine group. To do so, go to the top right-hand side and select your parameters.


If you are looking at today's data and want the data to continuously update in real-time, toggle the Live button on.

*Note: this functionality does not work for any days in the past. As soon as you toggle the button to on, the date filter will automatically update to today's date.

How to Read Machine Timelines


Underneath your filter parameters, you will see 3 summaries of the data in Machine Timelines.


The first number starting from the left, shows you the total number of machines being tracked in Amper.

The maximum number of machines you can view at once is 20. If you have more than 20 machines in your selected machine group, (as seen in the screenshot below), you'll need to scroll to the bottom and click through to the next page to see the other machines.


At the top of the next column, you will see an average utilization number in both hours & minutes and a percentage. This number is automatically calculated by Amper to show you how much of your shift is actual production time.


Please note, this is not technically your average utilization number across all machines. This number is only the average of the machines displayed on the page.

For example, in the screenshot above, the Average Utilization shown is 4 hours or 63% only for the 20 machines displayed on the page.

Once you click through to the next page, you'll see that the average utilization is only 1 hour and 36 minutes or 31% for the 19 remaining machines.


Last thing to note on the right hand side, is the quick summary of machines that are on, off, idle or unscheduled.


In the example above, you'll see that of the 20 machines displayed:

  • 7 machines are on
  • 4 machines are idle
  • 2 machines are off
  • 7 machines are unscheduled

Specific Machine Data

Once you understand the summary data on the Machine Timelines, you can dive into high-level data surrounding each specific machine for a specific shift.

Look at the example below. On the left hand side, you'll see the name of the machine, MAZAK #3. You'll also see that the machine is currently on.


You'll see that the overall utilization of the machine is at 41%, only running for 4 hours and 51 minutes during this specific shift.

You'll notice, that from 5am-11:4 am, the machine was not running. If your team is collecting downtime reasons, simply hover over the red to see why the machine was down.


Note: If Downtime Reasons are not labeled, they will not appear. See


In the example above, you'll see that the machine was down because a specific tool was ordered, but had not arrived.