Where are Reports located in the App?

To view your Reports, go to Reports ➡️ Reports.


What are Reports?

Reports are an easy way to export data from Amper into a CSV file or a stylized chart for use in emails or presentations.

Types of Reports

There are two types of reports that can be exported out of Amper: PDF & CSV files.

PDF Reports

PDF reports are insightful executive-ready reports, that are intended to show a visual representation of your data.

You can tell if a report is a PDF report, based on the icon next to the name of the report. See the example below:


Types of PDF Reports

Machine Summary

With the Machine Summary report, you get a high-level overview of your available and utilized production.

You can customize the machines included in the report to provide info on a cell-by-cell or a factory-wide basis.


Machine Utilization

With the Machine Utilization report, you can see how much your machines were utilized in a given week. Use this report to understand how last week went drilled down by machine.


Machine Utilization - Detailed

Want more specific information on each machine's performance? Use our Machine Utilization - Detailed report to get a day by day breakdown of your machine performance both in terms of production hours and the utilization percentage.


State Timelines

The Machine Timlines tool in Amper is easy and insightful, but if you want to download and present this data for your next production meeting, use the State Timelines report. It provides the same information as Machine Timelines, but you can easily download it in a printer-ready PDF for use anywhere in your factory.


CSV Reports

In addition to the easy-to-read PDF reports Amper also generates CSV reports for you to export and use in your own analysis or incorporate into preexisting models.

You can tell if a report is a CSV report, based on the icon next to the name of the report. See the example below:


Types of CSV Reports

Machine Production Hours

With the Machine Production Hours report, you get data on the total number of production hours a machine has per day.

Simply customize the date range and the machines you want to see, for easy access to any Production data you need.

Machine States

If you need more specific data on the Machine States, beyond just total production, run the Machine States CSV report. You'll get data on the exact time each machine entered or exited a given state. With this report, you'll understand exactly when your machines started or stopped and have it in an easy format for you to manipulate & analyze.

Production Reports

Need a summarized breakdown of how your factory performed in terms of parts, machine and employees? Download our the set of Production Reports:

  • Part - Quantity, Scrap, Man Hours
  • Employee - Sign In/Sign Out Times, Productivity, Setup Count and Times
  • Machine - Utilization, Setup Count and Times, and Man Hours