The Tasks view is for the Assignees/Task Owners to complete tasks. Filter the top of the page and click complete to show you're getting things done.

There are multiple ways to complete tasks too, see below for details.


Use the Tasks view to:

  1. Update existing Tasks:
    1. Who is assigned?
    2. Who resolved?
    3. What were the costs?
    4. What is the priority?
  2. Create new

Creating Tasks

There are several ways that Tasks can be created.

1. Creating Tasks from Suggestions

From the Schedule view, you will see suggestions for the timeframe you've chosen in addition to any suggestions you may have missed. These suggestions can be turned into tasks as they are, or with changes (like changing the date or to who they're assigned).

Recurring plans get suggested in the schedule. The Maintenance Owner approves and assigns them. This turns them into tasks to be completed.
Recurring plans get suggested in the schedule. The Maintenance Owner approves and assigns them. This turns them into tasks to be completed.

2. Creating Tasks from Requests

People can request work to be performed from the Operator interface or the App, and when those requests are approved, they become Tasks that can be assigned.

Requests get approved and then added to the schedule. The maintenance owner assigns them. This turns them into tasks to get completed.
Requests get approved and then added to the schedule. The maintenance owner assigns them. This turns them into tasks to get completed.

3. Creating Tasks from the Schedule

You can also create tasks directly from the Schedule view, even without a suggestion.

Distributing & Resolving Tasks

How do people know what they're assigned to do?

1. Assigning Tasks from Schedule and Printing a Report

You might choose to assign tasks to specific individuals in advance (say, at the beginning of the week). The best place to do this is the Schedule; you can pick a time frame and use the multi-edit view to quickly assign team members and set due dates.

You can also get a PDF of the schedule. Print this out for any time frame and distribute or post it.



2. Viewing Assigned Tasks Using the Scoreboard

The Maintenance Task Scoreboard shows a maximum of 20 tasks at a time. They're sorted first based on day, then on priority, then on the time they're due.

Some examples of how this sorting works in practice are shown in the example below, assume today is Oct 27.

Examples (1)

NamePriorityDue Date / TimeExplanation
Task A
October 26, 2021 10:00 AM (CDT)
This is from "yesterday", so it's overdue. Even though Task B is due earlier in the day, this one appears first because it's High Priority.
Task B
October 26, 2021 7:00 AM (CDT)
This is the "next most important" task on the 26th compared to Task B.
Task C
October 27, 2021 6:00 PM (CDT)
No Priority comes before Low Priority.
Task D
October 27, 2021 1:00 PM (CDT)
Lower priority is lower on the board, even though this is the earliest task for the 27th.
Task E
October 27, 2021 2:00 PM (CDT)
Tasks of the same priority simply sort by Due Date.

3. Viewing Tasks From Operator Interface

The operator interface will show Tasks for each individual machine. So, you can walk up to a machine, see what Tasks exist, as well as assign/reassign and complete them.

The operator interface will show all tasks that have been scheduled for a machine that aren't complete. When you mark a task "Completed By: [Person]" it will stay on the screen for ~2 hours so that you can undo that action if desired. Otherwise, completed tasks will not be shown.

Completing Tasks

There are a few different avenues for completing tasks.

1. From the Mobile/Desktop

If Assignees are able to have mobile devices with them during the day, they can use the Tasks area in the new Maintenance module in app.amper.xyz to pick up tasks, see what they’ve been assigned, and mark tasks complete.

*The task board will filter for who ever is signed in automatically so tasks can be quick-completed with one push of a button.


2. From the Operator Interface

The operator interface also has a module that can be enabled for maintenance where you can assign/reassign tasks to an owner and complete them.

*Clicking “Done” quick-completes the task by the assigned person at the time the button is clicked.


3. From an App Outpost

You can also use app.Amper.xyz as an outpost and assign and resolve tasks from there. When you're logged in to the app as an outpost, you'll only see the Tasks and Scoreboard areas. Obviously, the scoreboard is there so that you can put that view up on a TV.

*Note that you can complete a task if it’s assigned to another person.


Viewing Missed Tasks

Have you been wanting an easy was to see all your Missed tasks and close them out?

Missed Tasks

The Missed Tasks table shows tasks that are missed/overdue. Missed tasks are considered any tasks that are scheduled for (but not completed ) before the start date of the query. The Missed Tasks table helps keep users aware of any outstanding tasks of which they might lose track as time goes on.


In the image below, we have set a date range from 2/24/2022 ⇒ 3/3/2022. This sets the bounds for tasks that populate the table titled Tasks. However, you’ll see there is an overdue task that was scheduled for 2/12/2022 (before our query date range), so this task will populate in the Missed Tasks table.




If you wish to only see tasks within the requested range, you can check ☑️ the Hide box in the Missed Tasks header row.

Show Completed Tasks

In the

page, the Show completed tasks toggle will control whether the Tasks list shows completed tasks or not. By default this box is unchecked ⏹️.

When Show completed tasks is checked ☑️, tasks that are already completed will appear in the Tasks list. This is great for making any edits or notes to completed tasks!

Show completed tasks
Show completed tasks is checked and completed tasks are populated in the list.

Conversely when the box is unchecked ⏹️, the completed tasks will be filtered out.


That means when you complete a task with the Show completed tasks box unchecked, it will disappear from the list as it is now a completed task. You can bring the task back into view by checking the box.

Show completed tasks
Show completed tasks is unchecked and the completed tasks no longer show up.

Note: The Show completed tasks filter only applies to the Tasks list because a Missed Task can only be incomplete.