Installation Form & Calibration


Once you have completed the installation and verified that your devices are properly connected, you must document the devices that are attached to the machine.

Installation Form

As soon as installation is complete, you will need to document the devices that were installed on each machine. This information should be filled out on the same Installation Form you previously filled out when ordering your hardware.

If you cannot find the form you filled out, you can download a new copy below.

[TEMPLATE] Amper Installation Form.xlsx25.6KB

Fill out the right half of the form for each machine with information on the Aggregator ID, Gateway ID, Power Source, Sensor Port, and Sensor Type.


After you have completed this form for all of your machines, send the form to your Amper Customer Success Manager. Please provide an electronic copy by updating the spreadsheet provided.

Machine Calibration

After we receive the updated Installation Form, we will begin the calibration process for your machines. During this process we will verify that the sensors are placed correctly and our Data Science team will calibrate your machines based on the signals we gather. For proper calibration, the machine must have at least several hours of production time gathered by our system. If there are any machines that you do not plan on running for some time after installation, please let us know.


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