Connectivity: Configuring Wi-Fi Gateways


Once you receive your gateways and make the necessary network updates, you will have to configure them to connect to your local network. This article will walk you through the process to configure your Wi-Fi Gateways. You can also check out the 2 minute video below.

Configuring Wi-Fi Gateways

Start by first opening http://setup.amper.xyz on your mobile device's web browser (preferably Google Chrome). You must navigate your device's browser to the setup page before connecting to the Gateway's network.

Connect to the AMPER-XXX Wi-Fi network on your mobile device, where XXX is the three letter code on the front of the Gateway.

****Note: When powering your Gateway on for the first time, the device may need to run a boot up process before it shows up in your Wi-Fi list. If you do not see the network show up, leave the gateway plugged in and check again in 30 minutes.


Click Connect to Gateway


Configure Gateway's Network Settings

Click Scan to look for available 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi networks.


Note: While Manual entry is available, it is not recommended. Scan will only show 2.4 GHz networks, which are required by the Gateway.

Select the Appropriate Network in your facility, enter the password, and click connect.

Verify the Gateway is Connected

Once the Gateway is connected, the device's LED will change color to represent the connection strength (Green/Yellow/Red) with Green being the strongest.

If more than one minute passes without the LED changing color, then disconnect from the Gateway and try again.