Fill Out Hardware Checkout Form & Receive Hardware
Fill Out Hardware Checkout Form & Receive Hardware

Fill Out Hardware Checkout Form & Receive Hardware


Before we can ship out your hardware, you'll need to make a few decisions about the amount and type of hardware best suited for your factory.

During this step of the install process, your Amper Customer Success Manager (CSM) will schedule a kick-off call to discuss your hardware options. While you may have covered this in the sales process, you will want to review the following with your CSM:

  • What size sensors will you need?
  • How many sensors are required for each machine? To answer, you'll need to consider how many spindles each machine has.
  • What type of connectivity will you use? Wi-Fi or cellular?
  • Do you plan to use tablets or existing workstations for your Amper Outposts?

You will then need to fill out the Hardware Checkout Form and send it back to your CSM so they may know how many units to ship.

Download Install Form below:

Hardware Checkout Form.xlsx25.1KB

If you opt for Wi-Fi enabled Gateways, you will also need your IT department to fill out the Wi-Fi Deployment Questionnaire.

Download Wi-Fi Questionnaire below:

Wi-Fi Deployment Questions.docx504.1KB

During your kick-off call, your CSM will also ask you about your interest in setting up Amper Outposts.

There are 2 types of Amper Outposts:

  1. Scoreboards - designed to display production information on a TV screen either on the floor, lunch room, war room, or front lobby. This is great for visual management and being reactive with your machine data.
  2. Operator Interfaces - designed to run on a tablet or computer on your factory floor. It allows operators to input certain pieces of information about your operation. If interested, you will want to read more about our recommended tablets for Outposts.

Note: Before your kick-off call, it may be helpful to refer to these articles again for more information on specific hardware options:


After your kick-off call, the Amper team will process your hardware order. It may take 1-2 business days to process, but once shipped, you can expect to see your hardware arrive in 3 business days.

Once you have your hardware, you can move on to the next step in the installation process.


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