How to Create & Manage Amper Outposts

Creating an Outpost

Once you have your devices ready, the next step is to create Outposts in your Amper web app. In the top right corner of the page, click the drop down menu in the top right corner and click Settings.


In the bar at the top of the page, click Outposts.

This will take you to the Outposts page in your Amper App. This screen is where you can Create, Delete, Edit, and view your Outposts you have created. To create an Outpost, click on the blue button in the top right corner that says "Add Outpost".


After pressing the "Add Outpost" button, you will be presented with a screen to input some information about the outpost.


First you will select the type of Outpost you want to create. In this example we will select "Operator Interface". Next you will input a Name for the Outpost as well as a Description for the Outpost that will help you recognize which Outpost this refers to.

Finally you will select the machines that you want this Outpost to have access to. If you have your Machine Groups configured, you can select one from the drop down labeled "Group", alternatively you can press the link for the "Machine Picker" to show the list of machines for you to select from. After you have your machines selected, press "Save" to create the Outpost.


After saving the Outpost, you will be presented with the Outpost Login Code along with some important usage guidelines. Press OK and you should see your new Outpost Login Code in the list of your Outposts.

Logging Into An Outpost

Before logging into your Outpost, first make sure that the browser Google Chrome is installed.

This is the browser that Amper supports and highly reccommend this browser for using your Outpost.  If using a computer workstation, download Google Chrome from the link and follow the installation instructions. If using a tablet, navigate to the application used to download 3rd Party Applications and download the tablet version of Google Chrome.

After downloading, launch your Chrome browser and navigate to tablet.amper.xyz. Here you will log in with the 8 letter outpost code that was generated when you created your outpost. In our example this is the code "YPEO-UWNT" as shown in the picture above.


After logging in you will see the list of the machines you selected when setting up the Outpost.

Click on the machine you would like to interact with and you will see the current machine timeline along the top. Press the drop down menu in the top right corner and select one of your enabled Outpost Modules to begin using it.

Best Practices for Managing Outposts

Once you have your Outposts set up, there are a few best practices to make sure you are following.

  1. Don't use the token on multiple devices: Each Outpost token is meant to be used on a single device at a time. If you have multiple devices on your floor, make sure that you have a different token set up for each one.
  2. Mark down the outpost code near the device: To ensure that your operators can easily access their Amper Outposts, it may be helpful to label the device with the associated 8 letter Outpost token. In addition to providing easy reference, this will help you ensure that the codes are only being used on the intended device.
  3. Utilize Machine Groups: If an Outpost is only going to be used for certain machines, create a Machine Group in your Amper web app and limit the Outpost to only show that specific Machine Group. This way your operators will only see the relevant machines when using the outpost and help them enter information more efficiently.
  4. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Since the Outposts are internet connected devices, a strong healthy internet connection will ensure that the application is functioning quickly and without error. Make sure you consider your local network connectivity when considering where to place your Outpost devices.