Identifying Downtime Root Causes for CI Projects

Identifying Downtime Root Causes for CI Projects


Did you know that you can use Amper to track your machine Downtime Reasons and add valuable insight to a continuous improvement project?

Read the following series of articles to learn how to start tracking your downtime reasons at your factory. This course will take about 15 minutes to read.

Preparing Your Team for Logging Downtime Codes
What Are Downtime Periods?
Adding Downtime Reasons in Amper
Best Practices for Organizing Downtime Reasons in Amper
How Operators Can Log Downtime Periods in Amper Outpost
How to Ensure Operators are Logging Downtime Reasons with Alerts
Best Practices for Determining which Machines to Track Downtime Reasons
Analyzing Downtime Data with the Amper Explore Tool