Adding Downtime Reasons in Amper


Before you can begin tracking your downtime root causes, you must add your Downtime Reasons in Amper. This article will outline the process for viewing and adding your Downtime Reasons in Amper.

Viewing Downtime Reasons

To view your Downtime Reasons, first log into your Amper account. In the top right corner, click your name to open up the drop down menu. From this menu select Settings.


From the bar at the top of the page, select Downtime Reasons. This will open the Downtime Reason editor.


Downtime Reason Code Structure

In the above screenshot, you can see there are two different levels of Downtime Reason Codes. An entry in the first level can be a Downtime Reason Code or a Category used to organize a second level of Downtime Reason Codes. If a top level Downtime Reason Code does not have any children Codes, it will be a Downtime Reason Code. If a top level Reason Code does have children Codes, it will be a Category.

For example, on an Operator Interface with the above Downtime Reason Codes, an operator selects Machine. This will populate the screen with the children Codes Breakdown, Machine Crash, Preventive, and Proactive / Planned. Clicking one of these four Codes will label that Downtime Period with the selected Downtime Reason Code.

Editing Downtime Reasons

To begin editing your Downtime Reasons, press Edit in the Downtime Reason Code screen. Here you can either add or delete Downtime Reason Codes.


Adding Downtime Reasons


If you would like to add a Downtime Reason Code or category to the top level, press the Add Reason button. This will create a blank top level entry in your Downtime Reason Codes. After you have typed in your desired label, you can either press save to create a new Downtime Reason Code or press the blue + icon to add a child Downtime Reason Code.

You can also add Downtime Reason Codes to existing top level categories by pressing the blue icon next to that category and typing in your desired Downtime Reason Code.

Once you have made all of your updates, press the blue Save button to save your changes.

Note: You cannot edit the wording of a Downtime Reason Code once it has been created.

Removing Downtime Reason Codes

To remove a Downtime Reason code, press the icon next to the Code or category you would like to remove. This will remove the Downtime Reason Code from the Operator Interface, however any past Downtime Periods with this Code will stay labeled.