Best Practices for Determining which Machines to Track Downtime Reasons


You may not want to track all of your machines with Downtime Reason Codes. This article will discuss best practices and considerations when choosing which machines to track Downtime Reason Codes.

Machine Activity

An important consideration when deciding which machines to track is the expected activity level. You may have machines that may not have much production or have very specialized usage. These machines will have many Downtime Periods with reasons that offer little insight or opportunity for improvement. Focusing your Operators' efforts to enter Downtime Codes on machines with regular production will give you more insightful data to guide business decisions.

Tracking all Machines in a Cell

When selecting machines to track, you should consider tracking full Cells or Machine Groups. Tracking machines together in one cell will allow a number of advantages. When tracking all machines in a Cell or Machine Group, you are given specific data on the performance and issues of not just a single machine but a larger system within your operation. Having a macroscopic view will provide you justification for larger cell wide improvement projects, maximizing your operational improvements.

Activating Machines for Downtime Tracking

Once you have determined the machines you would like to track, you must ensure they are activated for Downtime Labeling. To select the machines you want to activate for Downtime Labeling, click the drop down in the top right corner and click Settings. From the bar at the top of the page click Machine Settings. In this page you will see a list of all of your machines with check boxes labeled Label Downtime. If you would like to track a machine with Downtime Labeling, make sure the check box is selected.