How Operators Can Log Downtime Periods in Amper Outpost


This article will cover how Operators can log downtime reasons on an Amper Outpost to track the root causes of a machine's downtime.

Selecting a Machine


When you first open the Outpost module, you will see the list of machines along with a notification if  a machine has unlabeled Downtime Periods. Select the machine for which you would like to label the Downtime Periods.

Selecting a Downtime Period


You will see the machine timeline at the top as well as a list of your Downtime Periods showing the Start Time, End Time, and Reason. Press the Update button to enter a Downtime Reason.


Select the appropriate button for the chosen Downtime Period. Some of the Icons will represent a category that will bring up a new set of Downtime Reasons or categories to select. Press the appropriate category or Reason until the desired Downtime Reason is selected.


Once you select the Downtime Reason, you will be brought back to the Downtime Periods list with your updated Downtime Period.