How to Ensure Operators are Logging Downtime Reasons with Alerts


To best capture the root cause of your machines' downtime, you must ensure that your operators are diligently labeling the Downtime Periods with the Operator Interface. This article will go over some best practices to ensure your Downtime Periods are being labeled.

Unlabeled Downtime Alerts

One method of tracking unlabeled Downtime Events is by creating an Alert for when you have unlabeled downtime. To begin creating this Alert, open up your Amper app and select Alerts on the left hand side of the screen. This will open up the Alerts page where you can view, edit or add Alerts to your system.


To add a new alert, select the blue New Alert button in the top right corner. This will open up the screen to create a new Alert.


Title the alert with a recognizable name. In the above example, Alert Name is  "HAAS - Unlabeled Downtime" so one knows the machine group and the reason for the alert.

Under Alert Type select Downtime Reason Entered, and for Downtime Code select Unlabeled.

The remaining two parameters, Number of Times and Period (Over 'x' Minutes), will vary based on your specific needs. In the above example, someone wants to be notified if there are 5 unlabeled Downtime Periods in the last 120 minutes.

Next you will need to select the machines you want this Alert to apply to. For this example, select the machine group "Haas Machines".


The next configuration item is the Shift selection. Here you can choose if you want this Alert to apply to certain shifts or 24/7. The final step in configuring your Alert is to enter one or more recipients. Fill out the name of the person to alert along with their cell phone number or email address. If you would like additional team members to be notified, press the blue icon in the top right corner of the Alert Recipient(s) section.