Analog Aggregator - Sensor Placement and Installation

Analog Aggregator - Sensor Placement and Installation


Once you mount the Amper Gateway and Aggregator, the next step is to install the sensors that will monitor your machine's electrical current. In this article we will outline the steps to properly installing your sensors.

Sensor Electrical Requirements

Amper’s sensors monitor AC current only. For monitoring DC voltages see

. To see the basic electrical requirements for placing your sensor, please expand the appropriate sensor below:

100A Sensor (Blue)
  • Minimum Current: ~0.01A
  • Maximum Current: 100A
  • Maximum Inrush Current: 150A
500A Sensor (White)
  • Minimum Current: ~1A
  • Maximum Current: 500A
  • Maximum Inrush Current: 600A

Sensor Placement

CNC Machines

If you are installing Amper onto a CNC machine, first you will have to open up the machine's power panel and identify the spindle motor controller(s). Most machines will have multiple controller modules, so it is necessary to identify the controller for your machines spindle, as well as the controllers for any sub-spindles if present.


The picture above shows the inside of a machine's power panel with the row of Servo/Spindle controllers. Once you have identified which of the three controller modules is for the machine's spindle/sub-spindles you will attach a sensor to one of the three phases of the power output.


Note that the sensor in the picture above is clamped onto only one of the three phases of the power output .


The above picture is an example of a machine with two spindles that need to be monitored. Once the correct spindle controllers are identified, one sensor is attached to a single wire on each controller's power output.


Example of a 500A sensor being attached to a spindle controller's power output.

Injection Molding

For most Injection Molding machines, the correct wire to attach the sensor to is on one of the following:

  • Servo Motor Power Breaker Output
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor Power Breaker Output

Sensor-Aggregator Connection

Once you have attached your sensors to the appropriate wires, plug the sensor cables into your Aggregator. Plug the sensor cables into the Aggregator starting with Port 1 and if you have multiple sensors, plug them into the subsequent ports (Port 2, then Port 3 and so on until all sensors are connected).

Verifying Connections

Now that all of the Amper components are connected, use this opportunity to verify all connections are properly made. Check for the following signs to verify the setup:

Gateway is powered on and holds a Green or Yellow Connection LED.


Aggregator has power light on (Bottom Left of device) and light under each utilized sensor port is illuminated.


The sensors are fully clamped shut around the machine wire


Next Steps

Once you have installed your Sensors and verified all of your devices (both Analog & Digital) are connected, you are ready to send the installation information over to Amper. Please see our article 

to continue your installation.

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