Operator Interface/Outpost Training

Operator Interface/Outpost Training


In this course, we will cover how to navigate the Amper Operator Interface also known as Amper Outposts or tablets.

These courses are intended for supervisors & operators, or anyone who will be entering data in the Operator interface. For additional documentation about the Operator Interface check out

Check out the courses below.

Outpost Creation - 2:51 min.

Learn to create both an outpost as well as dashboard view.

Downtime Labeling - 2:33 min.

Tally Sheets - 4:22 min.

Learn how operators can enter their downtime reasons to provide you with robust data for Root Cause Analysis
Learn how to enter data in the tally sheet and how to view the data to obtain important production metrics including OEE!

Setup - 2:24 min.

Learn how to utilize the setup module to track your steps and help you drive SMED projects.

Team Call Function - 2:33 min.

Learn how to utilize the call team function and increase proactive communications on the floor.

Systems Setup Form

Parts/Operators - 1:35 min.

Instructions on how to complete the setup forms for Part assignment and operators

Setup Module Form - 1:28 min.

Instructions on how to complete the setup forms for the setup module