Operator Interface/Outpost Training


In this course, we will cover how to navigate the Amper Operator Interface also known as Amper Outposts or tablets.

These courses are intended for supervisors & operators, or anyone who will be entering data in the Operator interface. For additional documentation about the Operator Interface check out

Check out the courses below.

Table of Contents

Outpost Creation - 2:51 min.

Learn to create both an outpost as well as dashboard view.

Using Your Outposts - 2:25 min.

Learn how to create and navigate your outposts.

Downtime Labeling - 2:33 min.

Learn how operators can enter their downtime reasons to provide you with robust data for Root Cause Analysis

Tally Sheets - 4:22 min.

Learn how to enter data in the tally sheet and how to view the data to obtain important production metrics including OEE!

Setup - 2:24 min.

Learn how to utilize the setup module to track your steps and help you drive SMED projects.

Team Call Function - 2:33 min.

Learn how to utilize the call team function and increase proactive communications on the floor.

Systems Setup Form

Parts/Operators - 1:35 min.

Instructions on how to complete the setup forms for Part assignment and operators

Setup Module Form - 1:28 min.

Instructions on how to complete the setup forms for the setup module