Best Practices for Naming Alerts


When Amper sends Alerts, the title is used in the message content, so it is important that your Alerts are named appropriately. This article will discuss some best practices for naming Alerts.

Machine Down Alerts

When creating Machine Down Alerts, the title of the alert should inform the user of information such as:

  • The Machine(s) that are down
  • If the Alert is a Cumulative Downtime alert
  • The length of downtime

Let's look at an example:

A factory has an Alert for when a machine in their Haas cell is down for 15 minutes.


From the Alert title, you can tell that the Alert is for a Haas machine being down for more than 15 minutes. The Alert also tells you the time the machine went down as well as the machine that triggered the Alert.

Downtime Reason Alerts

When creating Alerts for downtime reasons you will have to make similar considerations for the titles. Take into account the Downtime Reason, the number of occurrences, and the time frame of the occurrence when creating your Alert. Lets look at an example:

A factory has been having trouble with components not being staged in time on one of their CNC Machines. An Alert is created for when the Downtime Code "Not Staged" occurs 3 times in one day.


From the Alert title, we see that this is the third instance of components not being staged in one day. The Alert also informs us that this occurs on machine "Doosan #1" so supervisors know where to target their efforts.