How to Create Alerts in Amper


With Amper, you can send alerts based on certain activity in your factory. This article will guide you through the different types of alerts and the parameters required to configure each one.

Alert Types and Configuration

You can create four different types of alerts using Amper:

  • Machine Down
  • Machine Down (Cumulative)
  • Downtime Reason Entered
  • Part Entry Check

Machine Down

The Machine Down alert is used to notify employees if a machine is continuously down for longer than a specified threshold.



The Machine Down alert has one parameter:

  • Threshold (minutes) - The number of minutes of downtime needed to trigger the Alert.

Machine Down (Cumulative)

The Machine Down (Cumulative) alert is used to notify employees if a machine accumulates more downtime than the threshold over a specified period of time or in a shift.



The Machine Down (Cumulative) alert has two parameters:

  • Down Threshold (Minutes) - The number of cumulative minutes of downtime needed to trigger the alert.
  • Period (Over 'x' Minutes) - The length of time the Down Threshold (Minutes) accumulates.

Downtime Reason Entered

The Downtime Reason Entered alert is used to notify employees if a specific Downtime Reason Code is entered more than a specified number of times within a specified length of time.



The Downtime Reason Entered alert has three parameters:

  • Number of Times - Number of instances of the specified Downtime Reason Code
  • Period (Over 'x' Minutes) - The length of time for the Downtime Reason Code instances accumulate
  • Downtime Code - The Downtime Code the Alert will trigger for

Part Entry Check

The Part Entry Check alert is used to notify employees if a part count is not provided within a specified amount of time.


The Part Entry Check alert has one parameter:

  • Threshold (Minutes) - The number of minutes without a provided part count needed to trigger an alert. Every minute we look back at this threshold to see if there was a part count, if there wasn‚Äôt an alert will fire.

Note: For proper usage of this alert you must have the Part/Scrap Count module active.

Machine Selection


After choosing your alert type and parameters, you will need to select the machines you want this alert to apply to. There are two methods for selecting the machines attached to this alert:

Selecting a Machine Group

One way to apply the alert to select machines is to use the Machine Group drop down. If you have your Machine Groups configured, this allows you to easily select groups of machines that you want to be notified about.

Machine Picker

The second option is to use the Machine Picker. Pressing the blue Machine Picker button will open up the list of machines and allow you to select individual machines. You can use the All or None buttons to easily select or deselect all of your machines.



The next configuration is for the Shift you want to be alerted during. You can either select one or more of the shifts you have in your system or select 24/7 to determine the time of day that an Alert will be active. This way, you can limit the range of time that you or other Amper users are notified to avoid false alarms such as weekends when downtime is expected.

Alert Recipient(s)

The final configuration setting is for the recipients you want to receive the alert.


There are two fields to fill out for each recipient:

  • Name
  • Phone Number or Email Address
    • If Phone is selected, the user will receive the alert as a text message.
    • If Email is selected, the user will receive the alert in their email.

If you would like to add additional users, press the blue icon. This will create a new, blank entry to enter another user's name and contact method.

Saving The Alert

Once you have entered in the desired parameters, press the blue Save button in the bottom right corner of the window. Once the Alert is saved, a message will be sent to all of the recipients to notify them they have been added to an Alert.