How to Set Up Text and Email Alert Notifications


Prepare for Notifications

To ensure your Alerts are notifying your employees in a timely manner, you first must make some considerations regarding the delivery type and accessibility your employees have to their computer or mobile device.

Cell and Wi-Fi Connection

When preparing employees to begin receiving Alerts, consider how the quality of your cell or Wi-Fi signal may impact the delivery of the alerts. For example, if your factory has poor cell phone strength for an employees cellular carrier, consider opting for email alerts and make sure that your employees are properly connected to your local Wi-Fi network on their cell phones. Conversely if your Amper users will spend most of their time on a factory floor without a stable Wi-Fi connection but have a strong cell phone connection, consider opting for text message alerts. Your factory may have a differing situation so understanding the quality of your cellular and Wi-Fi is key to alerting your employees without disruption or delay.

Device Access

Another consideration to make is the level of device access your Amper users will have throughout the day. Different users will spend their day in different parts of your facility and may or may not have constant access to a computer. If a user spends most of the day away from their computer, it is important that they understand they will need access to a cell phone to receive alerts and to decide if text messages or emails will more reliably alert them.

Text vs. Email Alert Notification

When setting up Alerts in Amper, there are two methods of notification: text message and email.

Text Message

Text message alerts will be sent from the number 441-54. If you have any spam protection it is important to make sure that these notifications are not wrongfully being filtered out. To make sure you are properly receiving the Alerts, adding a number to an Alert will send the following notice:


The text will display the name entered when configuring the Alert Recipient along with the name of the Alert. In this example we have added Chris Forte to an Alert for when a machine in the Haas cell is down for more than 15 minutes.


Once the Alert is sent you will receive a text message with the name of the Alert, along with any alert specific information. In this case we are notified of the machine that has gone down and the time the machine went down at.


If opting for email alerts, you will be sent an email from no-reply@amper.xyz. Add this email address to your contacts list to make sure the Alerts are not wrongfully sent to your Spam folder.


These Alerts will have the same context as the text messages, notifying you of the name of the Alert along with any Alert specific information.

Resolution Alert

Depending on the type of Alert you set up, you will receive a follow up email or text to tell you that the machine has exited an Alert state.

For example, lets say you have the Alert for when "Machine A" is down for more than 45 minutes. Once "Machine A" goes down for 45 minutes, you will first receive the Alert informing you the machine is down. Then when the machine enters a Production state again, you will receive an resolution message informing you that Production has started again for "Machine A".