[Playbook] How to Structure Your Company Goals with Amper Data

[Playbook] How to Structure Your Company Goals with Amper Data

Accurate data is the key to unlocking your factory’s fullest potential, but simply accessing the data only opens the door. It’s what you actually do with that data that can help you transform.

At Amper, we don’t just want to help you collect data—we want to help you use that data. And it starts with incorporating your Amper data into everything you do.

To help you build traction in your organization and exceed your company’s goals, we’ve build this step-by-step playbook with meeting cadences, templates, examples and more. It summarizes how to review Amper data annually, quarterly and weekly, so your organization can start it’s data-driven journey on the right foot.


“If you want to understand function, study structure.” - Francis Crick To be successful with your data, you’ll need to make sure the right systems are set up to use it.

The Amper Data Playbook

Before you begin, check out this list of helpful definitions
Using Amper to Set Annual Goals
Using Amper Data to Set Quarterly Milestones and Strategies
Setting Monthly Projects & Initiatives
Tracking & Managing Weekly Activities
Reviewing Data in Daily Huddles


The True North Tracker

True North is a concept in lean management that functions as a ”compass” that guides a company from its current conditions to its desired conditions. It represents the goals of an organization as a whole, not just an individual or a department.

We created a True North Tracker template for you to use as you build out your company’s plans. In the articles above, we’ll give you examples on how to use the template to incorporate Amper data into your annual and quarterly goals, as well as use that data to track projects.

👇 Download True North Tracker

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