Reviewing Data in Daily Huddles

Reviewing Data in Daily Huddles

In order to ensure all projects, Key Results and annual goals are on track, it’s necessary to review data with the team daily. It helps create accountability and align the team with organizational objectives. In doing so, you’ll effectively communicate your expectations to the team and it allows you to provide assessments based on actual facts (the data)—not opinions.

Daily Huddle Meeting Agenda

  • Review metrics from the day before
    • Utilization/Downtime: which machines hit their goal, which machines missed?
    • Unlabeled Downtime: label any unlabeled downtime from day before during this meeting
      • Who should attend?

      • Supervisors and Operators
      • 💡

        Useful Amper Reports for Daily Huddles: 1. Utilization by machine for the day before 2. Downtime by machine for the day before (highlighting unlabeled downtime)


      Data is great, but it’s only powerful if you use it. If you ever feel like your data journey has slowed down or lost steam, it’s always best to return this play book and evaluate your company’s data review structure. How can you ensure you are using your data daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly? After all, companies who incorporate Amper data into their KPIs are more likely to succeed.