Setting Monthly Projects & Initiatives

Setting Monthly Projects & Initiatives

In addition to annual and quarterly meetings, you’ll need to set a cadence to meet monthly. In monthly meetings, your team will review the progress of the quarter milestones and decide the projects/initiatives needed to hit them.

Monthly Meeting Agenda

  • Review last month’s projects.
    • What worked? What didn’t?
  • Review the Key Results for the quarter.
    • Are we on track?
  • Decide what needs to be done this month to hit the Key Results
    • Who should attend?

    • Individual Project Team Leads
    • All Area Managers/Directors (Engineering, Operations, Maintenance)
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      Useful Amper Reports for these meetings: 1. Quarter to Date Utilization Summary 2. Quarter to Date Executive Summary 3. Last Month’s Top Downtime Breakdown

      Monthly Project Examples for Q1


      New projects need to be set each month. In the True North Tracker, there is an area to fill out these monthly projects. In this example, Q1 goals are to roll out downtime labeling, do 5S in all 4 areas of the plant, and implement shop-floor visual management tool across the factory. The plan is broken down into monthly projects below. At the end of the month, the team does an RCA (Root Cause Analysis) to determine what went well and what went wrong.



      In February, the monthly projects include a rollover project from January— “Set up operator interfaces in areas 1 & 2”. In doing so, there was not enough time to finish the final objective—deploying shop-floor visual management tools.



      For this example, March only had 3 necessary projects to complete to close out the quarter.