Optimize Maintenance

Optimize Maintenance


Machines require maintenance to prevent breakdowns. With Amper you can optimize your maintenance programs for not only calendar-based maintenance, but also usage-based maintenance. By collecting production data, we are able to predict when certain maintenance events should be done. And why do maintenance on machines that don’t need it?

Use Amper to help you optimize your maintenance schedules to only do maintenance when it’s needed and improve on your existing maintenance system.

Assign someone at your factory to the “Maintenance Owner” role
Invite all maintenance users to Amper (as users or non-users)
Add all static assets in Amper →
Static Assets
Enter Plans in Amper →
Add Last Completed Times
Add all possible Requests in the Plans database as a “Non-recurring” Type
Create the initial Schedule in Amper →
Determine how often the schedule will be set (weekly is recommended)
Determine how the team will get their assignments


Print out the Schedule each morning
Determine how the team will close out their
in Amper


On the Operator Interfaces at the machines
At a general maintenance computer through the Task Page
Determine how
are handled in Amper
Train the maintenance team
Train the team on how to request maintenance on the Operator Interfaces
If not already done, set up Operator Interfaces on the floor (computers or tablets)
Make sure 8-digit codes are accessible for logins
Create alerts in the system for any high priority requests
Roll out the system
Audit data entry and task completion for 30 days minimum
Analyze the data
Find areas to improve upon, like:
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance on certain machines
  • Cross train the maintenance team
  • Find machines with frequent repairs and stock up on spare parts