Paperless Reporting & OEE

Paperless Reporting & OEE


Have you ever added up all the time it takes to compile your paper production reports each day? Or have you ever wanted to understand your true OEE by machine or part number? With Amper’s Tallysheet tools, you’re able to add context to your production data to make this all possible.

Set up Operator Interfaces on the floor (computers or tablets)
Make sure 8-digit codes are accessible for logins
Upload your Part Numbers to Amper Settings
If you want true OEE information, you’ll need to include ideal cycle times (sec/piece) for each part
Upload Operators to the Amper Settings
Set up Custom Fields in the Amper Settings for operators to enter in additional information
If you are doing this to save time compiling data, set a baseline for how much time currently is being spent each week
Roll out data entry
Audit data entry for 30 days minimum
Set up a system to pull data. Do you want it in the ERP? How often will you pull it from Amper?
Analyze the data
Improve: what can you do with this data?
  • Move parts to certain machines that they run better on β†’
    Maximize Part Routings
  • Improve job costing. You priced out a job a certain way, and if it ran much longer than you anticipated, you can change that in the ERP for future orders.