Web App Training


Table of Contents

In this course, we will cover how to navigate the full suite of manufacturing tools available to you in the Amper web app, which you can get to by going to app.amper.xyz.

These courses are intended for admins, supervisors & managers, or anyone who will be using Amper data.

Check out the courses below.


Machine Timelines - 2:30 min.

View your machine's up and downtime in near-real-time states. For written documentation about using this tool, check out

Scoreboards - 3:30 min.

See detailed information about your machines without needing to ask an operator. For written documentation about how to use Scoreboards, check out

Downtime Console - 3:46 min.

See detailed information about your machines without needing to ask an operator. or more information about the Downtime Console check out
Planned/Unplanned Downtime

Reports - 2:45 min.

Find the report that gives you the data you need to excel at your job. For written documentation about using our Report tool, check out

Paperless Overview - 2:45 min.

Gather production and OEE information using digital tally sheets. Check out
for more information about using and exporting data out of digital Tallysheets.

Utilization Explorer - 2:53 min.

View trends in your utilization data across dates, machines, shifts and more. Check out
for written documentation on the Utilization Explorer.

Downtime Explorer - 2:23 min.

Analyze your bottlenecked machines using data trends. Check out
for written documentation on the Downtime Explorer.

Setup Explorer - 2:56 min.

Use setup data to understand which setups/parts/operators are taking the longest and which steps your team is spending the most time on. A great tool for implementing a SMED project. Check out
for written documentation on the Setup Explorer.

Call Team Explorer - 2:17 min.

See which teams are being called and see how fast they are responding to issues. Check out
Call Response
for written documentation on the Call Team Explorer.

Alerts - 3:55 min.

Check out
for written documentation about how to notify the right people when issues arise.

Call Teams - 0:32 min.

Self-manage your Andon Call Teams from the web app.


Maintenance - 3:40 min.

Check out
Maintenance Types
for written documentation about our Maintenance tools.

Refer to

for more information about customizing your Amper profile.

Personal & Company Profile - 2:23 min.

Learn how to complete your profile, invite other users to the system as well as assign call teams.

Machine Groups - 2:34 min.

Learn to create machine groups for easy viewing throughout the app as well as create cells that can have their own shift schedule and downtime codes.

Shifts - 2:31 min.

Learn to create shifts to accurately capture utilization scores.

Machine Settings, Downtime, Parts, Operators - 3:06 min.

Learn to turn on downtime labeling by machine as well as load your reason codes, part numbers, cycle times and operators for the most up to date information for your operators.