Executive Summary
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Where is the Executive Summary Located?

You can find this under Dashboards ➡️ Executive Summary.

There is no cross-filtering in this report

What is in Executive Summary?

  • Overall Utilization
  • A high-level look at downtime reasons
  • Perfect Unlabeled Downtime by week
  • Utilization by shift
  • Downtime hours by week
  • Utilization by month and shift
  • Utilization by cell and shift
  • Utilization by machine and shift

With these sections used together you're given an overview of plant health through utilization and seeing what key downtime reasons contribute to that utilization.

Amper Recommends…

  • Send this report every week to your high-level team members who set goals, and hold their teams accountable Operations Managers and GMs to see high-level utilization and downtime information side by side.
  • You may also see your percentage of unlabeled downtime clearly in this report to monitor and enforce downtime labeling
  • Set up a report to be delivered to your management team at the end of each quarter to review the business’ current state

See Below for a Example Executive Summary PDF 👇

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