Amper Learning Hub

Amper Learning Hub

Welcome to the Amper Learning Hub. Explore and you'll find videos, support articles and other resources to help you get the most out of Amper and unleash the power of your factory. For additional help, contact support at or +1 (773) 692-5960.

Getting Started

A comprehensive overview of the Amper Web app and all of the features that come with your subscription.

Amper Product Overview

Helpful tips & plans when getting started with Amper.

Steps to a Successful Amper Implementation
Steps to a Successful Amper Implementation

Pilot Program

Welcome to the Amper Pilot Program! Check out the simple Installation Guide before getting started.

Pilot Program: Installation Guide

Full Installation

Before Installation, please read the Installation Guide and begin purchasing devices for outposts (TV's and Tablets/Computers).

Installation Guide: How to Install Amper
Installation Guide: How to Install Amper
Amper Outposts

Training & Onboarding

Check out the Training Videos below to get the most up-to-date training on all of Amper's features. Great for new and existing customers!

Amper Training Videos

Using Your Data

So you're getting data, but not exactly sure what to do with it? Don't worry, we got your back. Check out the articles below from our Continuous Improvement Specialists! They help customers like you use their data for activities to run more efficiently.

Using Amper Tactically
Reducing Machine Downtime with Alerts
Use Utilization Data to Justify CI Projects
How to Prioritize and Execute on your CI Projects
Recommended CI Projects Using Utilization Data
Identifying Downtime Root Causes for CI Projects
Recommended CI Projects Using Downtime Reasons