Data-Driven Projects

Data-Driven Projects

The Importance of Utilization Data

In manufacturing, time is money.

There are costs that a factory must pay, simply to be in business β€”whether you're making product or notβ€”labor, rent, utilities, raw material, etc.

If you're not offsetting those costs by producing parts to be sold, you're losing money. This is why machine utilization is so important, and in this section, we'll outline several projects you can execute to increase utilization. Before you get started, learn how you can use actually use utilization data to justify a project before you put time & money into it.

πŸ“ŠUse Utilization Data to Justify CI Projects

‡️How to Prioritize and Execute Your CI Projects

πŸ“ŠHow To Get Started With Downtime Labeling

How to make data driven decisions

Have data but unsure how to utilize it? Don't worry, we're here to help.

Whether you need to justify additional equipment or new hires, respond swiftly to machine downtime, enhance your standards, or generally address capacity issues, this guide is for you.

Check out the video or click this link to experience an interactive walkthrough β€£

Refer to the guide below from our Continuous Improvement Specialists! They assist customers like you in leveraging data to operate more efficiently.


Project Savings Calculator

Strategic Leaders

Owner - President - VPs - GM - Finance - Accounting

The projects below are great for Strategic Leaders in the business: Senior most decision makers who are responsible for directing the company strategy. Responsible for the company vision and financial health of the business.

New Video! πŸ—ƒοΈImprove Production Capacity

New Video! 🏦Optimize Standards for Better Job Quoting

πŸ‘©β€πŸ­Justify More Labor/Increase Labor Efficiency

πŸ’²Improve Sales & Make Better Supply Chain Decisions

πŸ’ΈJustify Incentive Programs

πŸ”»Make Capex Decisions for New Equipment

πŸ€–Is it time for Cobots?

Tactical Managers

Eng Managers - Director of Ops - Scheduling/Planning

The projects below are great for Tactical Managers in the business: Mid-level managers who are responsible for directing the company resources and developing tactical moves to execute on the company strategy.

New Video! Mastering Stakeholder Buy-InMastering Stakeholder Buy-In

New Video! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ­Improve Paid Labor Utilization

πŸ’‘Save on Lights Out Production

⬇️Conduct a SMED Event to Reduce Setup Times

πŸ”§Create More Effective Maintenance Schedules

πŸ“ˆMaximize Part Routings

βš–οΈβ€œRun at Risk”: Stop Waiting on First-Piece Inspection

Operational Members

Supervisors - Team Leads - Operators - Engineers

The projects below are great for Operational Members of the business: Individual contributors who are responsible for executing the tactical moves. They are generally hands-on with the software and are most closely connected to the features.

New Video! Meet OTD TargetsMeet OTD Targets

New Video! Stay Ahead of Production IssuesStay Ahead of Production Issues

⏲️Improve Late Starts/Early Stops

πŸ₯ͺRestructure Breaks/Lunches and Scheduled Meetings

πŸ•šReduce Wait Times

🧹Bring 5S to your Factory Floor

πŸ†˜Justify More Support Equipment


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