Maximize Part Routings

Maximize Part Routings


Another way to increase uptime, is to to take advantage of part routings.

In other words, you can use Amper utilization data to determine which machines and operators are most efficient at producing specific parts. If a part is consistently produced on multiple machines or by multiple operators, you can use the Part Performance tool to identify which machine or operator produces that part with the highest utilization.

Time Commitment: High

Features Required: Parts List, Tally Sheets

Notes: This will need to be a group effort between programming/engineering and operations to manage the workflow.


For before/after state after rerouting parts.

  1. Sign parts into machines with Amper.
  2. image

2. Use the Amper’s

Dashboards to see which parts run the most and which machines run them the best.


3. Re-route parts to run on the machines they run the best on.

4. After a few weeks of re-routing, be sure to compare your utilization on that part before and after you re-routed it. You might also look at your machine utilization before and after to see if the overall utilization has increased.