Improve Sales & Make Better Supply Chain Decisions

Improve Sales & Make Better Supply Chain Decisions

Generally speaking, production data won't help you "sell" more products. But, it could be used to make more informed decisions around sales and what products you run in your plant.

Below are a few ways you can use Amper utilization data to help with sales and supply chain decisions.

  • Target Sales: Look at Amper data to see which machines are the least utilized. Then focus your resources on selling more of the products that run on those pieces of equipment. If you can only sell products that run on highly utilized equipment, it may be time to consider a capex purchase.
  • Insourcing: Another way you can use Amper data in the sales/supply chain world is to insource your your work back to certain machines. Over the years, your company may have outsourced work to different internal sites or outside companies. With utilization data, you can review which machines can handle a higher workload, and bring jobs back into your plant. This can save in overall costs of goods and transportation.
    • Look at utilization across all machines and plants.
    • Identify which machines are operating at lower capacity.
    • Review if anything that is being outsourced can run on those machines.
    • Bring work back into the plant to run on those machines with low capacity.

Example: An Amper customer has several plants around the globe.

When COVID hit in early 2020, they had to shut down several sites, but work was spread evenly across them.

Instead of cancelling customer orders, they brought jobs from the sites that were scheduled to close into one facility.

They used Amper utilization data to identify which machines had capacity to take on more jobs and were able to offload the work to those machines.