Show Cause for More Support Equipment

Show Cause for More Support Equipment


If you have a hunch that more or updated support equipment could help improve utilization, you could start labeling downtime to determine how much time is lost due to this. Examples include time lost for manually loading machines, or preparing for setups.


  • To start, figure out what downtime codes you want to track & train your operators to label.
  • Use downtime codes to support the things you need ("Getting setup cart" or "Loading the machine").
  • After 4 weeks of testing this, add up the number of hours lost due to these reason codes. Then, extrapolate this number over the course of one year
  • Once you determine that number, multiply it by your average rate of production.
  • Ask yourself, does this number justify the support equipment cost? We recommend performing an ROI or Payback Period analysis to see at what the return looks like on the cost of equipment.
  • If it's worth it, buy the necessary equipment and continue tracking these downtime reasons. Monitor the increase in utilization and record the savings.

Check out how Craig Zoberis, Founder & President of Fusion OEM, demonstrates how cobots increase utilization with the Amper report below. 👇