Below you will find a list of articles to help self-troubleshoot issues with your machines' signal.


How long does it take to calibrate my machines?
What do the different color lights on my gateway mean?
Where do I go, who do I need to email for help?
My machine is running, but Amper shows that it’s idle. What can I do?
My machine data is grey and says “Lost”, what do I do?
My machine is in production but Amper hasn’t updated yet. Is something wrong?
Does Amper work with barcode scanners?


Machine Showing Off or LostMachine Showing Off or Lost🔧Common Machines: Tips and Installation Library

Gateway - WiFi

Issues Configuring WiFi GatewayIssues Configuring WiFi GatewayWiFi Gateway Not Connected to SystemWiFi Gateway Not Connected to SystemSystem Showing Periods of Lost Data - WiFi GatewaySystem Showing Periods of Lost Data - WiFi GatewayWiFi Gateway Configured with Wrong Network or PasswordWiFi Gateway Configured with Wrong Network or Password

Improving Gateway ReceptionImproving Gateway Reception

Gateway - Cellular

Cellular Gateway Not Connected to SystemCellular Gateway Not Connected to SystemImproving Gateway ReceptionImproving Gateway Reception


Sensor Not Collecting SignalsSensor Not Collecting Signals


Aggregator Not ConnectedAggregator Not Connected

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