Sensor Not Collecting Signals

To properly collect the signals from your machines, the sensors need to be properly connected to the aggregator and the wire you want to monitor. This article will outline the issues you may have with your sensors and the steps needed to resolve them.

Sensor Not Connected to Aggregator

Check the connection between the sensor plug and the port on the Aggregator. Press down firmly on the plug to ensure that the plug is securely in the port. There should be no metal components exposed and the plug's plastic body should be flush against the Aggregator body.

If the sensor is properly plugged into the Aggregator, the LED below the sensor port will be illuminated a steady blue color. The picture below shows two sensors connected to the Aggregator in ports 1 and 2. Note the LED's below the numbers 1 and 2 on the face of the device.


Sensor Not Shut All The Way

For the Sensor to properly collect the signals from your machine's wire, the clamp must be shut all the way. Make sure that the clip on the top part of the sensor is secured shut and the hinge does not swing open at all while attached to the wire. The black metal components on the top and bottom parts of the sensor should be flush against each other.


Sensor On Wrong Wire

To properly track your machine's signals, the sensor must be attached to the correct wire inside your machine. Check with your Maintenance or Engineering team to make sure that the sensor is installed on the correct wire. For guidance on selecting the correct wire, please see our article Sensor Placement and Installation.