Aggregator Not Connected
Aggregator Not Connected

Aggregator Not Connected

If you are expecting to see data populate in your Amper app but are not, there may be an issue with the Aggregator or cables connecting this device. Continue reading for guidance on diagnosing possible Aggregator related issues.

Aggregator Status

Check your Aggregator to see if the device properly powered on. When properly powered, the device will have a steady blue LED in the bottom left corner of its face and below any occupied sensor ports. Note: the Gateway must also be powered on as this device supplies power to the Aggregator.

Aggregator Not Receiving Power

If the Aggregator's LED's are not illuminated and the associated Gateway is on, the Aggregator is having trouble receiving power. Please try the following actions in order until you are able to get the Aggregator powered on.

Check CAT5 Connection

Check the connection of the CAT5 cable between the Aggregator and the Gateway. Make sure the cable is securely plugged into both devices and is not damaged. If the connection still appears to be incomplete, try using the second CAT5 port on the Aggregator and check the LED's again.

Replace CAT5 Cable

Swap out the CAT5 cable connecting the Aggregator to the Gateway and check the Aggregator's status. Any standard CAT5 cable will work to connect the devices.

Replace Gateway

Connect the aggregator to a different gateway to see if there is an issue with the Gateway's CAT5 port. If changing gateway resolves the issue, you will need to have your Gateway replaced. Return the test gateway to it's original machine and Aggregator and email with the subject line "Amper Gateway Replacement". In the body of the email, include the three letter code on the defective device and the steps taken to determine the gateway was defective.

Aggregator Still Not Powered On

If the above actions do not resolve the issue, please email with the subject line "Aggregator Not Powering On", including the Aggregator's 4 letter code in your message and the steps taken for resolution.