Heatmap Explorer
Heatmap Explorer

Heatmap Explorer

Where is the Heatmap Explorer Located?

You can find this report under Dashboards ➡️ Heatmap Explorer.

There is no cross-filtering or drill-ins in this report

What is the Heatmap Explorer?

  • A customizable table to few data in so many ways!
  • machine by week, shift, day, part, operator, or month
  • the same can be done for operators, dates, or parts

The Heatmap Explorer is a great table for viewing the information you care about and how you want it.

Amper Recommends…

  • Use this report to explore your utilization data with different X and Y axes
  • Change your Y axis
  • Change your X axis
  • Update other filters and examine your data set
  • If you find a view you like, you may set up a recurring report with your saved filters and send to yourself or team members at your desired cadence!

See Below for a Example Heatmap Explorer PDF 👇

Example Heatmap Explorer.pdf105.6KB