Detailed Root Cause

Root CausePossible Solution
Bad Raw Material
Improve QC checks on raw material when it arrives before running it on the machines
Tool Wear or Break
- Perform tool life studies and set up a system to change out tools before they break - Statistical Process Control. Implement QC checks after X number of pieces to ensure parts aren't going out of tolerance as tools wear. - Change tooling suppliers. Get higher quality tools. Might cost more, but it can potentially be justified with downtime hours lost
Lack of Preventative Maintenance
- Ensure PM's are getting done. Increase frequency if they are. - Implement usage based maintenance through the Amper App
No Maintenance Personnel to Come Fix the Machine
- Implement better communication systems to notify maintenance of a machine crash (Implement Andon Call Team through the Amper App) - Hire more maintenance team members - Determine common break down causes. Create break down kits to quickly and autonomously get the machines back up and running
Mistake in Setup Caused Crash
- Create SOP's for setup and audit setups to ensure each setup is done properly - Modify tooling to standardize setup - Implement first piece inspections
Mistake in Running the machine
- Create SOP's for running the machine