Adding the Digital Aggregator to the Base System

At this point, you should have already installed the core factory Amper system (Gateway and Aggregator) on your machine. For more information on how to do so, please see our article

. This article is for using the Digital Aggregator to collect automated cycle counts. To use a Digital Aggregator for utilization data collection, see the article,
Connecting Signals to the Digital Aggregator for Utilization

Identify Best Location in Machine Panel

The Analog Aggregator used in the core factory system is usually located in the machine’s power panel, near machine motor drives and similar components. In many cases the signals required for the Digital Aggregator are in the same panel, but identify the location with best access to the intended signal, as well as machine DC power. For more information on which signal to use see the article,

Connect Digital Aggregator to System

Both types of Aggregator have two CAT5 ports that can be used to extend the system in either direction. Connect your second CAT5 cable to the unused port on the existing Aggregator, and run it to the new Digital Aggregator. You can use either port for the connection.

Once properly connected, the blue status LED (on the lower left) should light up steady blue.

Next Steps

Next you will need to determine the optimal signal(s) to use to collect the automated counts. For more information, please see our article