New Features for Tallysheets

New Features for Tallysheets

Features: Custom & Required Fields for Tallysheets, Updated Tallysheet Workflow

Release Date: June 16th, 2021

Custom & Required Fields

How to Turn it On: Custom & required fields are automatically available in the web app if you are using Tallysheets. If you aren't using our Tallysheets feature, contact your CSM to learn more.

To help you fully digitize your current paper reporting, we have released new features in Tallysheets. You can now add custom fields to your Tallysheets, and make any field required.

Watch the video below 👇 to see how to find the custom field page and edit your fields.

Other Important Information

  • Custom fields must have a unique name. Amper will not allow you to create 2 custom fields with the same name.
  • If you delete and recreate a field with the same name, it will bring back the old field—it won't create a duplicate. This helps to preserve historic data.
  • If you change the name of a field, it's historic data will be maintained. For example, Work Order ID could be changed to WID but all historic data under Work Order ID would still show up in the new WID column in the downloaded .CSV file.

Upgraded Tallysheet Workflow

How to Turn it On: For any Amper customer who was onboarded before June 2021, contact your CSM to turn this feature on. All customers onboarded after June 2021 will automatically have this feature turned on.

We listened to your feedback and have upgraded our Tallysheet workflows. The new changes provide a more intuitive way of maintaining data integrity. The new workflow will help:

  • When operators forget to log in/out or work overtime
  • Simplify how you "start" and "end" a run (changeover)
  • Prompt data entry
  • Make it easier to toggle between menu pages
  • Streamline how information is populated in the tallysheets

Check out this video below to see how the new sheets work! 👇