Announcement for Existing Users

Announcement for Existing Users

Changes occurring November 6, 2021. Please check out the supporting document below and schedule a meeting with your CSM if you have any questions/concerns.


Amper is releasing a new maintenance product that will replace the existing one. The new version brings a number of new capabilities around building a schedule for maintenance to be done, integrating ad-hoc requests and taking suggestions from Amper for when certain items should be done.

All of your existing data; historical records, configurations RE: PM schedules, etc. will be preserved, but some aspects will look a little different.

What's Changing?

New Names

Some core concept will remain, but with different names.

  1. Schedules and Maintenance Types are now combined in to Plans; you make a Plan which includes: 1) what's being done, 2) how often it's done and 3) what assets you perform it on.
  2. Logs are now Tasks. Instead of simply logging events, you now have the ability to schedule tasks in the future, assign them, have them presented on a priority board, etc.

New Workflows

As mentioned above, instead of simply creating Logs, you'll now create Tasks which can be assigned to individuals in advance or picked up from a common queue.

You can also now create Requests for work to be done, which, once approved, will create Tasks that will integrated in to your overall schedule.

There's now a full Schedule that will show you what Tasks you have, who you've assigned them to, and what Tasks you might be missing.

See sample image of schedule above.
See sample image of schedule above.

Instead of receiving a weekly email with the amount of runway remaining for a given PM, you'll now be able to view the schedule and know what is going to be done and what still needs scheduling.

How Will the Change Work?

On Nov 6, 2021, we will automatically convert the old maintenance product to the new one. As noted above, all your existing data and configurations will be preserved and converted in to the new product.

Starting that day, you'll see a number of new screens and utilities that you can start using immediately. We'll also be providing plenty of resources for you to learn the specifics.

Keeping the Old Workflow

Our new maintenance offering does introduce a lot of new capabilities, but it will retain the basic DNA of the old product and you can still use it in basically the same way if you choose.

You'll still see the "runway," but instead of a bar slowly filling up, you'll see the projected time that a task should be done.

Instead of this:


You'll have this:


If you don't want to schedule tasks in advance, you can simply create tasks only when PMs have been completed, and mark them as resolved immediately. That process will look nearly identical to the existing process of "creating Logs".