Installation Guide: Pilot Program

Installation Guide: Pilot Program

Welcome to Amper!

We're excited for you to try out the Amper system through our Pilot Program.

If you're reading this, you should have received your Factory Kit. That means it's time to install your hardware.


Below you'll find the installation instructions & corresponding video. Please watch & read carefully to familiarize yourself with the process.

Note: a Maintenance Technician or someone on your Engineering staff should help with the install since installation partially takes place in the machine's power panel.

Expect an install on 2 machines to take between 30-45 minutes.

8 Reasons for Factory-Wide Amper Adoption

When first deploying Amper, many customers understandably want to test the solution out on a smaller scale. You may only have Amper installed on a few machines, but have more assets that have yet to be connected.

If you want unified data, it may be time to consider connecting the rest of your machines. But you may be asking yourself, “is it really worth my time?”

In this article, we’ll dive into reasons why factory-wide Amper adoption is worth it—creating value by consolidating and streamlining your operations moving forward.

Pilot Installation FAQ

How do I decide which 2 machines to test Amper on?

We recommend you test Amper on a CNC machine that:

  • You suspect is currently underutilized and/or has potential for more uptime.
  • Is close to a computer or tablet.
  • Is operated by a forward-thinking/motivated supervisor who understands the importance of collecting downtime reasons and using data to improve.

If I have other questions during the installation process, who do I contact?

If you run into any technical issues during your installation, please email We typically respond within the hour during normal business hours (9 am - 5 pm CST). You can also reach out to your Amper Account Executive.

How to Install Amper Video

Pilot Installation Steps

To install your Amper hardware, you'll need access to both the machine and the machine's power panel. It is recommended that you turn off the machine during install, so you can safely open up the panel. If you plan to do this, be sure to schedule time in advance to avoid any disturbance to machine operators.

Step 1: Identify gateway, aggregator, power supply, sensor & CAT 5 cable.

You should have two of each, unless otherwise specified.


Gateway "GW" on the face of the device


Aggregator "AG" on the face of the device


Power Supply




CAT5 Cable

Step 2: Locate the machine’s control panel


Step 3: Plug the power supply into a wall AC outlet


For additional help with Steps 3-8, please read below:

Step 4: Connect the power supply to the gateway


Step 5: Mount the gateway to wall or the exterior of the machine & connect to Wi-Fi (if applicable)

The bottom LED on the Gateway will indicate signal strength. Position the gateway so the LED is green or yellow. The higher up the better.


Step 6: Run the CAT5 cable from the gateway to the machine’s power panel


Step 7: Once the CAT5 cable is inside the power panel, plug it into the aggregator


Step 8: Identify the wire that drives the critical process of the machine.

If there are multiple wires for the 3 AC phases providing power to the same motor, simply pick one. The correct wire is typically:

  • Spindle power for CNC machines
  • Servo or pump motor power for injection molding/other machines

Step 9: Clip the sensor over the wire you identified.


For additional help with Steps 9-11, please read below:

Step 10: Plug the sensor cable into the first available port on the aggregator.


Step 11: Repeat Steps 1-11 on second machine if necessary.

Step 12: Login to the Amper app and enter your configuration information.

You should have already been invited to the Amper app via email, which you can access at Once logged in, you will be able to enter your machine information, using the app to guide you through that process. See the attached video below that walks you through how to set up your machine in the app.

Step 13: Go live!

Once you submit your configuration info, our team will begin tuning your machines & setting up your dashboard. This typically takes 1 week. No work is required on your end, so sit tight and get excited to go live!

Review the Amper Installation Expectations for your Full Deployment

👋 Welcome to Amper! We’re excited to be long-term partners with you.

Our goal is to make every installation as smooth as possible, so here are a few things to be aware of as you begin your journey.

  1. Your machines will calibrate within 14-21 days.
    1. Calibration may require an iterative process to determine the most accurate reading of production. Machines must have adequate production data across multiple days.
  2. Future recalibrations are an option if we don’t see what your full production looks like in the initial 14-21 days of calibration.
  3. We offer remote training and support.
    1. You can also talk with your CSE about on-site training packages.
  4. If Wi-Fi connectivity does not work on some or all machines, you can easily upgrade to cell-connected gateways for just $15/machine/month.
  5. There is a chance that cell connectivity does not work in your area. In this case, you may swap to Wi-Fi for free!
  6. Amper has long-term product development plans
    1. This means we frequently release software updates, which are included with your service. We always take note of customer feedback ideas for product development!
  7. You may initiate a help desk ticket at any time by emailing or contacting your CSE.
    1. Amper will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to all help desk tickets submitted within two business days.