Recommended Tablets for Amper Outposts

Recommended Tablets for Amper Outposts

The Amper Outpost app is designed to run on most tablets. This article will provide you guidance on what device to purchase and use as your dedicated Amper Outpost.

Preferred Tablet

While there are many suitable device options on the market, our recommendation for a device that is cost effective and consistently performs up to our standards is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4”. It can be purchased at any major retailer like Target, Walmart or Amazon and ranges in cost from $180+.


Recommended Protective Case

Factories can be harsh environments, so it's important to keep your valuable electronics safe. Putting a case on your tablet will help protect the device from physical harm and provide a protective barrier against a build up of grime or other substances.

If you choose to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, we recommend you pair it with the HXCASEAC for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite case 10.4 Inch 2022.

It can be purchased on Amazon for less than $30.


How Should I Mount My Tablets?

Ram Mounts has a variety of mounting options for your tablets if you wish for a less mobile solution.

Can I use an Apple iPad?

An Apple iPad can run the Amper Operator Interface app, but we recommend that you use an Apple iPad that runs iOS version 12.2 or higher.

If you are considering using an iPad for your outposts, you will have to configure the iPad with a dedicated Apple ID, which may require additional internal processes to ensure proper device management.

However, one benefit of using an iPad is that you can enable Apple's Guided Access feature on the device. This feature allows you to limit the functionality of the tablet to only the Amper Outpost web app and ensure that your operators are not improperly utilizing the device.

What About Other Tablets?

While we do not want to limit our customers to only the Apple or Samsung tablets mentioned above, we do have some guidelines that we recommend that you follow.

  1. Use a tablet with a screen that is 8" or larger in size (display of at least 1280 x 800 pixels). A device with a screen any smaller than that may make the interface more difficult for you to use.
  2. We also strongly recommend an Android-based tablet with OS version 5+ that can install Google Chrome to be used as the internet browser.

Which Devices Should I Avoid?

Amazon Fire Tablets

One brand we recommend our customers avoid is Amazon Fire. These devices are heavily tied to Amazon's overall ecosystem and the tablet functionality is generally more locked down compared to other devices. These limitations will make it more difficult to sustainably use and support in your factory.

Misc. Low Cost Tablets

There are many tempting low cost tablet options on the market, but it is important to understand the risk associated with choosing one of them. Along with the low cost may come low performance that will prohibit you or the operators from smoothly using your Amper Outpost. Cheaper options may be slower to load and respond when using the application or lack essential functionality to ensure that your device stays properly connected to Amper.

Devices that do not run Google Chrome

Google Chrome is always the recommended browser to use with your Outposts. If you find a device that cannot run Google Chrome on it, then that device will not be the best choice for your factory.

In addition to not being able to run our preferred browser, this also signals that the device may be too old or of lower quality and have the performance issues mentioned above.