Snooze Alerts

Snooze Alerts

Features: Silence alerts

Release Date: December 2021

You can now "snooze"or silence an alert for a given amount of time or until a specific time + date.

The purpose of this feature is to help with alert management and ensure all alerts are actionable and provide value to you and your company.

Some examples of when you might want to snooze:

  1. A machine is under repair or in setup, so its machine state is going up and down, firing off downtime alerts.
  2. You are in meetings all day or out of the office. You don't want to delete your alerts, but you want to quiet them for a period of time.

How do I turn on this feature?

This feature is automatically available to everyone.

How Snoozes Work

Quick Snooze

From the main Alert page, you can "quick snooze" to a pre-selected interval:


When you pick a snooze option, there will be a confirmation window and, if confirmed, you'll see the snooze show up in the row with the time it expires. Clicking the red X will cancel the snooze.


Granular Snooze

You can also make more specific snooze selections from the alert edit screen (accessed by clicking the pencil ✏️ icon). From here, you can choose specific machines to snooze and provide a specific end date/time. You can also still pull from the canned 30 min, 1 hr options if you wish.

πŸ’‘This is useful for you if you know you're going on vacation for the next week and don't want alerts while you're on the beach in the Bahamas.


Viewing Snooze Details

To see more information on the snooze, you can open the alert edit screen with the pencil ✏️ icon.

Here, you can see

  • Who snoozed the alert?
  • Which machines is the alert snoozed for?

And you can cancel the snooze by using the red Cancel Snooze button.

If an alert is snoozed, you can override the previous snooze time with another. So if an existing one goes until next week, and you make a new one that only goes until tomorrow, the snooze will expire tomorrow.


Recipient Alerts

When you "snooze" an alert, it means that no messages will be sent to ANY recipients on the alert until the entered time.

When a snooze is performed, recipients of that alert will get a message explaining that.

Alert "Cell B Supervisor 30 Min" snoozed by Jack S. until Jan 1 at 6:12am.

Showing Alert Status

There are two attributes that indicate the status: whether the alert is Triggeredand whether it's Snoozed.


This means the alert is in an "alarm" status. For example, if there are 3 machines on an alert for "anything down more than 15 minutes" and one machine goes down for 16 minutes, that alert is triggered. If that one machine comes back up, it is no longer triggered.

If any machine matches the conditions in the alert, it's triggered. If all machines in the alert don't match the conditions, it's not triggered.


There are also 4 new icons on the alert page to indicate the alert status.

The icons are as follows:

  • The Red Bell means that the alert IS triggered and snoozed
  • The Red Dot means that the alert IS triggered and NOT snoozed
  • The Grey Bell means that the alert NOT triggered and IS snoozed
  • The Green Dot means that the alert is NOT triggered and NOT snoozed