Connectivity: IT Configuration for Wi-Fi Gateways


If opting for Wi-Fi devices, there are a few steps your IT team will need to take to ensure our devices can properly connect to your network.

IT Setup Configuration

Your network will need to be configured for the following:

  • Network must be 2.4 GHz (Our devices do not support 5GHz networks.)
  • TCP Ports Open (Outbound Traffic)
    • 1883
    • 8883
    • 5683
    • 443
    • 80
  • Domains Open (Outbound Traffic)
    • device.spark.io
    • device.nodes.spark.io
    • a1z2vcintpz3vi-ats.iot.us-west-2.amazonaws.com
  • Domains Open (Outbound Traffic)
    • *amper.xyz
    • sentry.io
    • amperhelp.zendesk.com
    • *zdassets.com
    • *looker.com
  • Device MAC Addresses White Listed
    • If your network restricts access to unknown devices, contact support@amper.xyz to obtain your device Device MAC Addresses to provide to your Network Administrator.

If any of the above information seems confusing or daunting, do not worry! These are standard IT configurations that your factory's IT team will be familiar with.