Pre-Install Checklist

Pre-Install Checklist

The installation process for the Automated Cycle Count add-on is straightfoward, but requires more resources than the core factory system installation . Please review the key requirements below beforehand to ensure a smooth installation.

Time Required

  • In most cases, the actual installation takes 15-30 minutes per machine.
  • If there is no obvious candidate signal, additional time may be needed to identify the best available signal. This time may vary.

Machine Requirements

  • Available +24/12VDC power and ground/0V connections.
  • A digital control signal or sensor output that changes state once per production cycle. This signal must be 24/12VDC and change between high and low states only.
  • If no suitable signal exists, an external sensor would be required.

Skills Required

  • Personnel capable of determining the best signal or sensor output available that corresponds to a machine cycle, such as a maintenance supervisor.
  • Personnel who is able to open up the power and/or control panels on the machine.
  • Personnel capable of reading machine schematics and identifying signal wires inside the machine.

Tools / Resources You Will Need

  • (Included with hardware kit) Small screwdriver, wire strippers, wire
  • Any tools required for opening up the appropriate machine panel
  • (Recommended) A machine schematic or wiring diagram