March 2021: Product Update

March 2021: Product Update

This post is part of a quarterly series that highlights Amper's new features & product updates. Join Akshat & Maz for the March 2021 update!

Watch the 24-minute video 👇

Key Takeaways

Don't have time to watch the video? No problem! While we encourage you to check it out on your own time, you can read the key takeaways below.

  • On May 1, 2021 all customers will be fully transitioned to the new navigation layout in the Amper web app. Find out why, what's new & how to opt into the new layout early.👇
  • New Scoreboards are active. You must opt into the new layout in order to access.
  • Tallysheets and Paperless reporting are now available and ready to use.
  • You can now get automatic part count on your CNC machines with our new hardware. Contact your CSM to discuss how to update your current hardware kit to include automated part count.
  • Upcoming Q2 releases to get excited about:
    • Planned vs. Unplanned Downtime
    • Visual executive dashboards for long-term reporting needs

Time Stamp of Topics Covered

  1. New Layout 01:50
  2. Learning Hub 03:38
  3. Scoreboards 04:25
  4. Going Paperless 12:55
  5. Automatic Part Count & Cycle Times 17:36
  6. Upcoming Releases 19:58

New Layout

For more detail, check out the video at 01:50 - 03:37

We will be reorganizing our app to simplify your Amper experience and help you better use our suite of manufacturing tools. This means, some of your favorite Amper tools may be moving around. You'll find extensive documentation to help you to learn how to navigate the new layout.

All customers will be switching over to the new layout on May 1, 2021, but if you're eager to test it out, you can opt into the new layout sooner, by going to the upper-right hand corner of the web app and clicking on your name. Toggle on Try New Layout.

Learning Hub

For more detail, check out the video at 03:38-04:24

We recently launched a New Customer Learning Hub. (If you're reading this, you're here now!) In this Hub, you'll find new product & support documentation, announcements, use cases and other resources to help you better leverage Amper. You can access this Learning Hub from the app, by going to the upper right-hand corner of the web app and clicking on your name. Select Learn. You can also access the Learning Hub by going to


For more detail, check out the video at 04:25-12:50

Amper has launched a new tool called Scoreboards to provide even more data into what is happening on your shop floor in real-time. These will replace what have historically been called Dashboards. We have added more elements: like when setup is happening, if production targets are being met and more.

What are Scoreboards for?

Scoreboards are a specific tool with a specific job; that job is to provide a complete picture of what's happening on the floor right now.

Why is this useful?

  • You already do this today; you walk around, you see things that aren't right. The problem? You find out about a problem, hours after a it started. Scoreboards aim to help you be more proactive.
  • Scoreboards let you be in 10 places at once. They help you see what's going on faster and more accurately.
  • Scoreboards are a tool to help you facilitate your tactical moves on a day-to-day basis.

You get out what you put in

What a Scoreboard can show you is rooted in what you show Amper. Today you might be using some or none of these:

  • Operator Sign-ins
  • Part Sign-ins
  • Paperless Workflows
  • Setup Tracking
  • Downtime Tracking

The degree to which you're using these other tools dictates the quality of the Scoreboard you get. For more on Scoreboards, check out .

Going Paperless

For more detail, check out the video at 12:55-17:32

To give powerful analytics that give actionable insight across the dimensions, Amper has leveled up the way we capture information.

What is Paperless Reporting?

Paperless Reporting has one goal—to eliminate pen and paper reporting.

This tool enables middle managers or admins to export production data out of Amper and in to an ERP or another spreadsheet.

In order to export this data, you first need to collect it. Paperless Reporting works in conjunction with Tallysheets.

What are Tallysheets?

A Tallysheet is a digital tool used in the Operator Interface (aka Amper Outposts). Tallysheets help operators collect data about what they did during their shift. For example:

  • What machine was running?
  • What part was the machine making?
  • How many good parts were made?
  • How many scrap parts were made?
  • Which operator was running the machine?

Without Amper, this kind of information is typically collected manually. With Amper, you can use our Tallysheets tool to collect this data digitally. For more on this, check out .

Automatic Part and Cycle Counts

For more detail, check out the video at 17:36-19:56

In addition to machine state data collection, Amper now offers automated part counting through a new sensor type. This means you can now get an automated count of how many parts were made as well as better data on cycle-time.

There's two core ways this data gets used today:

  1. It automatically populates data for the Paperless workflows mentioned avbove, so it's an additional manual step that's no longer necessary. People can focus on the job and not data entry.
  2. Even if you don't use our Paperless offering to export data, the automatic part collection means that you get rich scoreboards with OEE and you don't have to log good and scrap parts.

Upcoming Q2 Releases

For more detail, check out the video at 19:58-21:4

Rich Visual Reporting

Amper will soon be releasing extensive visual reporting & executive dashboards. They will help you report across your metrics and you'll be able to automatically subscribe to these reports.

Scheduled Downtime

To separate controllable downtime events, you'll soon be able to determine what downtime events are scheduled vs un-scheduled. This will help you get more confidence in your machine availability data and OEE reporting.