New Maintenance App Updates

New Maintenance App Updates

February 2022 Maintenance App Update

Features: Suggested tasks can be turned into real tasks without required approval, missed tasks now visible in the Task view

Release Date: February 2022

Amper has released 2 new updates to the Maintenance app. New features included in this release:

  1. Don’t Require Approval Plan Setting: Maintenance Plans can now be configured to show suggestions as tasks automatically in the Tasks view, allowing users to easily view and edit suggested tasks without approval from a Maintenance Manager or other team member.
  2. Viewing Missed Tasks: To prevent you from losing track of any missed maintenance tasks, missed Tasks will now be visible in the Tasks view. You can also filter out Completed Tasks from the queried tasks list.

“Don’t Require Approval” Plan Setting

Sometimes maintenance activities require approval and scheduling, and other times they don’t - that’s a fact! We’ve made it easier to get maintenance done for pre-approved activities.

Plans can now be configured to not require approval in the . When plans generate suggestions, you will be able to view, edit, and complete them without the need for a Maintenance Manager or other team member to first approve them.

This saves the person scheduling maintenance activities tons of time!

How to Turn on this Setting

This setting can be found in the same place where you create or edit a Plan. If you want to allow suggested tasks to show up as real tasks that don’t require any approval, check the Don’t Require Approval box.

This is a Plan with the “Don’t Require Approval” setting active.
This is a Plan with the “Don’t Require Approval” setting active.

Changes to Tasks Screen, Outposts and Scoreboards

When the Don’t Require Approval setting is checked ☑️, the suggestions will automatically populate on the Tasks view, Outposts & Scoreboards. These suggested tasks will appear alongside other tasks and function the same way.

If this box is not checked ⏹️, suggestions will still need to be approved and converted into a real task before they show up in the Tasks view, or on Outposts & Scoreboards.

Since usage-based task suggestions are constantly updated based on changing data, they do not have a static scheduled due date. This means that while the tasks remain suggestions, the due date or scheduled date may shift around as more data is collected.


The Don’t Require Approval setting will not effect how tasks populate in the Schedule view.

They will still appear and provide the same functionality regardless of how the Don’t Require Approval setting is configured.

Viewing Missed Tasks

Have you been wanting an easy was to see all your Missed tasks and close them out? The page now has a table of Missed Tasks to view.

Missed Tasks

The Missed Tasks table shows tasks that are missed/overdue. Missed tasks are considered any tasks that are scheduled for (but not completed ) before the start date of the query. The Missed Tasks table helps keep users aware of any outstanding tasks of which they might lose track as time goes on.


In the image below, we have set a date range from 2/24/2022 ⇒ 3/3/2022. This sets the bounds for tasks that populate the table titled Tasks. However, you’ll see there is an overdue task that was scheduled for 2/12/2022 (before our query date range), so this task will populate in the Missed Tasks table.


If you wish to only see tasks within the requested range, you can check ☑️ the Hide box in the Missed Tasks header row.

Show Completed Tasks

In the page, the Show completed tasks toggle will control whether the Tasks list shows completed tasks or not. By default this box is unchecked ⏹️.

When Show completed tasks is checked ☑️, tasks that are already completed will appear in the Tasks list. This is great for making any edits or notes to completed tasks!

Show completed tasks
Show completed tasks is checked and completed tasks are populated in the list.

Conversely when the box is unchecked ⏹️, the completed tasks will be filtered out.

That means when you complete a task with the Show completed tasks box unchecked, it will disappear from the list as it is now a completed task. You can bring the task back into view by checking the box.
Show completed tasks
Show completed tasks is unchecked and the completed tasks no longer show up.
Note: The Show completed tasks filter only applies to the Tasks list because a Missed Task can only be incomplete.

How to get started

Now that you've learned about each section of the Maintenance menu, you're ready to get started.

  1. Add any Static Assets.
  2. Create a Plan database. Some examples of plans:
    1. 6 Month PM
    2. 480 Hour PM
    3. Weekly Coolant Change
    4. General Non-Recurring Requests
  3. Enter in the Missing Task Records
  4. Review the Schedule and assign Task Owners and Due Dates
  5. Set up Scoreboards or Print out PDF's of the Schedule
  6. Train your team on how to complete the tasks
  7. Kick it off!

November 2021 Maintenance App Update

Features: usage-based maintenance, maintenance schedules, maintenance requests and more.